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Best Teosyal Guide for improving skin radiance

Teosyal Ultra Deep is one of the most intense treatments from all Teosyal Fillers. It is the most expensive filler among all other Teosyal fillers and why not since it serves the most long lasting results and adds great amount of volume to the skin.

It is featured as Teosyal’s densest product because it is capable of giving more impressive results to the patients.

Teosyal Ultra Deep is used for different treatments including restoring facial volumes and treating deep wrinkles as well as facial lines. It can also correct wrinkles from thicker skin.

Re-sculpting facial contours is also another feature of Teosyal Ultra Deep. It also eradicates folds from the skin and restores original curves that are found on the face…

Despite the fact these injections are one of the most effective products available in the aesthetic market; they do not required any sort of incision. Teosyal Ultra Deep injections are also not traumatic which means that the pain inflicted by the procedure will be similar to other treatments but essentially minimal. But results will be more impressive.

The density of Teosyal is good enough to be injected directly to the deepest part of dermis. It is required to ensure that you choose an experience practitioner for the treatment because the Teosyal fillers need to be injected accurately to the treatment area.

Having a good practitioner may be more expensive but results will be more amazing and everlasting.

It can last up to 12 months on average. However, if you choose other Teosyal fillers, then you will need a top up within 0 – 12 months after the initial treatment.

Teosyal Side Effects

Teosyal has side effects like any other dermal filler. Common side effects are slight redness on skin, itching, pain and temporary swelling. These temporary side effects cannot last over 72 hours and many people even don’t suffer them.

More info about Teosyal side effects on UK health centre


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