How to improve your hair growth?

Hair fall is a big issue these days, especially in people who are in their mid 30s. In-fact this problem is even seen in young generation including teenagers.

This is why the demand of hair medicines and remedies has evenly increased. People all around the world are looking for hair fall prevention techniques and medicines.

Today we are going to post some very useful information about preventing hair fall and improving your hair growth. We have medicines like Dr CYJ hair filler for hair rejuvenation today for you from Hyaldirect.

  • Hair Fillers

Hair fillers demand has highly increased all over the world. People from all around the world are looking for a perfect solution to improve their hair growth and stopping hair fall.

Due to the high demand manufacturers like Caregen Co. Ltd. have manufactured hair fillers like Dr. CYJ hair filler that not only improve your hair growth but also prevent hair disease.

Dr. CYJ hair filer is clinically proved hair filler that can increase your hair density to 1/cm2.

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  1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is one of the most richest sources to nourish your hair tissues. Take a coconut unit and grind the grated coconut and then squeeze its juice into a glass to get coconut milk. Now apply the coconut milk onto your hairs, this will help your hairs to get tons of vitamins and natural resources that help to grow hairs and prevent hair fall.

  1. Indian Lilac also known as Neem

Neem is a plant which contains all natural vitamins and other resources that are essential for improving your hair thickness and quality. It is anti bacterial, anti diabetic, anti viral, sedative antiseptic in nature. This is not just used to cure disease but also for improving hair growth as well as improving the thickness.


Hibiscus contains revitalizing properties to make your hair roots stronger; it also nourishes your hairs. It also stops untimely growth of grey hairs and also protects your scalp from dandruff. Moreover, it is also helpful for preventing hair loss.

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